The best of times.

Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals.  Mary and Portia are partners in Jefferson Prescott Consulting.

Our small nonprofit was founded in 2021 by Portia Prescott and Mary Jefferson.  Longtime members of the community , we are dedicated towards its improvement and active in its development .  Our challenge for all of us is to work on enjoying nature and  perserving the Earth as a place for the next generation.

We need to be able to say we did all that we could.



BGH-Ebony Advocates was created for Enviromental Advocacy for  women--particularly young women--of color.  A vision of Portia Prescott and Mary Jefferson it focuses on the number one issue of our time--the environment and the ability for all people to safely enjoy it.

The challenge of the environment and our dependence on fossil fuel is something we cannot get wrong.  Each year we see more vividly what we have done to the atmosphere--through increasing weather and naturaldisaster phenomenons.  

Each year we are reminded that time is growing short and we need to heed the warnings.

Our Service to You

Our service is to the community and to you. 

Summer events

Hiking for various skill levels.

Winter events

Skiing, snow-hiking and snow-shoeing.


As the opportunity presents itself, we will offer winter exercise opportunities.

Relaxation & Comfort

Our Rocky Mountain area is an astonishing area for exercise and relaxation.


One of our primary year-round activities is hiking.  We provide hiking gear for beginning hikers.



The State of Colorado

Contact us

Telephone: +1 720 432 6378


Address: Filbert Ct  Denver,CO 80220

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