BGH- (Black Girls Hike)
Ebony Advocates

Exercise & Environmental Equity

Highest standards for your best experience

Young women of color often don't have the experience of enjoying one of the greatest assets--the Natural Beauty.

We work to increase the enjoyment of our natural resources, to make it easier for this to become a routine part of life and activity.

This should be easy, but is not.

Environmental Equity 

The fight and cause of our lives is the Environment. Importantly, people of color are  most affected by these radical changes in climate and nature.

The elemental fight for our  lives is the environment

Exercise--For outside nature lovers

Hike, climb, enjoy the magnificent nature!

Enjoy the beauty of nature and fight to keep it acessible and clean.  This two-pronged approach of exercise and environment is the development of a path of physical activity and environmental activism.

For the free spirited, the best places to hike and climb

Be one with nature

Fighting for what is important














Enjoying the best.













Working towards the future.